Rotas, Shift Patterns, Rosters

A rota (shift pattern, roster) is essentially a sequence of shifts or duties worked by one or more people. When developing a rota from scratch you have to take into account the following constraints:

   - operational (eg. number of staff and skills required by time of day)
   - contractual (eg. 40 hours per week, european regulations on working time)
   - social (eg. no more than 3 consecutive nights)

We can help with the following:

  - Library of standard rotas
Evaluation of current rotas
  - Construction of bespoke rotas
  - Software to help with the design and administration of rotas (RotaView)

We have a library of standard rotas in the following categories:

  - Continuous rotas (24/7)
  - Semi-continuous rotas (continuous period for part of the week)
  - Discontinuous rotas (not 24 hours but can be 7 days a week)

Please email or telephone your rota requirements and we will be happy to help.

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